Stratasense IV Curve Diagram

Stratasense provides the Photovoltaic Industry with custom hardware and software for acquiring the current vs. voltage curves of operating solar modules.Read More About the IV TracerThe Stratasense IV tracers enable photovoltaic researchers and plant operators with the first in-situ IV tracer that can remain in the field to perform regular measurements of operating solar panels over months or years. Patent pending technology allows the Stratasense IV tracers to collect IV curves of panels that are connected to any load, allowing uninterrupted power production as well as more accurate insight on panel performance and degradation in real-world conditions. The instrumentation works on a wide range of power, voltage, and current settings, making it compatible with almost any photovoltaic technology. The Stratasense IV tracers have a small form factor and utilize low power wireless technology for all data transmission, making the system simple to install and highly scalable.┬áThe instruments are specifically designed to acquire IV curve data continuously in the harshest environments with no external power or communication wiring necessary. The IV tracers are panel agnostic – with up to 1000 volts, 20 amps, and 1000 watt limits.

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